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LL57 Llanberis and Padarn Pathway & Heritage 20 Map

Pathway & Heritage Maps with Zoom Postcode and 3 in 1 Google Maps
Draw & Plan with Free Route Marker
Pathway & Heritage Route Marker and Distance Gauge & Height Graph
Easy-Mapping, Naming, PrintingA4 & Publishing-Landscape-guides-Forum
All Route Planners can Grade Length & Suitability into their Pathway & Heritage Maps

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Easy-Draw New Route-Maps

Teach yourself to make Heritage Maps, you can plan safe routes and interesting places to visit and enjoy.
New Visitors can Watch YouTube Instructional Video, see below.

Our thanks to Google Maps for providing us with this Map
To find Zoom Map Address Worldwide - just add your Postcode:
(For each route-map choice, type ZoomPostCode to any new route area)
By using Google Maps Search: Place Name or Post Code for Zoom Map and lots more including local information will follow.
Please enter your Postal/Area code or Place Name here before you start your Map Route

Move and zoom the map to correct location, then click starting point, add each point along your route. Points can be re-adjusted by clicking and dragging on the markers.
Easyway to make Pathway Maps, just trace pathways shown on ground. Press (Satellite) imergery button, zoom to 100 ft. and wait for date and map to generate. Now you can see everything clearly. Select your choice of marker, you can pick-and-mix along route, including Safety Markers.


Use Markers to create your own unique map  
Route-Marker Place-Marker
Use Magnify Button for FULL SIZE MAP
Use BACK BUTTON for Printing and Save
Note:The Undo Point button cancel's your last route position and Graph, so it can re-generate both.
For Route-Marker:choose any Route-Marker from below. For Place-Markers choose up to 6 Markers, per H&V Groups. By pre-planning add Place-Markers on areas of interest, not to be missed.

Map Name Route date & time Pick a date

Note:To help print your Pathway Route Map, reset zoom 2000 ft/500 metres, drag route-map into central position ready to (Print Route), and wait for date and map to generate

Automatic Route Height and Length Graph

Click-on "Show Profile Graph" for Automatic Profile to appear


Total Distance   x2 on Hilly Ground Miles    KM

Height Unit       Feet    Meters

Height Box 
Note:[Add Maximum Height figure from the Profile Graph above.]
Safety Note


Sample:[Avoid slippy surfaces, keep away from loose rock cliff edges, plan your route now.]
Contact Numbers:
Sample:[Enter your primary telephone contact Numbers HERE]
Weather Forecast:
Weather:[Click here to get the latest Weather Forecast]

Distance Grade 3 miles 6 miles 9 miles 12 miles

Route Grade


Guidence Note[ Young Families should restrict themselves to 3 mile routes (6 miles in total) .
Fit older children and adults choose any 1-4 graded miles, and maximum height read from graph]

Note: Out and Back Button - To Map for extra Markers or Printing
All the above Route Marker details will be printed with your map and should be taken with you for a safe return.
By Saving to Forum you can STORE & REUSE MAPS at any Time. (Protected by password)

If you wish to make changes on Map Printing cancel the pop-up Print Map window first

Before you press (Print Route) check your zoom setting is 500 ft., drag route-map into central route position, then press (Print Route), and wait for date and map to generate.

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You Tube Link: Quick Guide to Setting-Up your own Self Mapping Routes made easy (8 minutes in total).

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