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Guidance & Advice

MumfordBooks Guidance and Advice

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We are selling Quality Books, hard-to-find, first editions, many with illustrations and fine leather bindings.
Look out for that bargain book. Selected books have been reduced.
Your first book valuation is FREE. Due to demand, we have to charge a small fee for multiple requests.
Bargain package: will value up to 25 books and give you two addresses of booksellers in your area, for a £30 valuation fee.

For an accurate FREE valuation, all I require is a full title, author, publisher, publication date for each volume, type of binding and condition. For the more modern book, it must have its dust-cover.

– Condition is the most important, a guide would be:
– Good: without cuts, stains, or wear
– Average: some wear, cuts, stains
– Poor: has major defects, pages missing, pen or pencil marks.

Valuation is given as a “Wholesale price”, that is the price to the shop keeper. Fill in quick check list for first time customers, a one off is FREE valuation & advice page Because of a high demand for free valuations, I cannot answer all requests. Please remember this is a personal service for old quality books printed before 1970.

My quick guide, list title, author, publisher, date & edition, condition.
A first edition, good condition and rarity will produce the best value.
I will value one book for free. For multiple books I will have to charge a small fee.Please see my NEW scale of fees below.

My charges are:

1% up to the value of £500 ($900) (minimum charge of £3)
0.5% from £500 up to £1000 ($1,800) (minimum charge of £3)

Any book above £1000 ($1,800) at a fixed charge of £5

Alternatively in exchange for a book valued at £30 ($60) I will value 25 of your books for free.

I can give you up to 25 book valuations for ?0.

You get a full description and book valuation, based on the current market.

This provides you with an accurate minimum selling price.

You can then sell on, knowing you have a realistic target.

My valuations cannot in themselves give you cash, they are for guidance only.

All UK customers will also get details of 2 recommended book-sellers in their area.

This is how it works:

You send me a full description (including the condition).
I will send you my valuation fee based on the above scale.
You send payment by cheque or credit card in advance, via two emails or by telephone. Your payment will then be made through a secure internet bank, PayPal.
On receipt, I send you a current market valuation, by return.
I cannot guarantee that my valuation is your selling price.
My valuation is a guide price only. This is a “Wholesale price”, that is the price you can expect if you sell to a shop.
If you wish to offer your books to me to purchase, I will be happy to buy if suitable to my needs. I only buy quality items.
For security we require the minimum first line of your address and postcode.
I would like you to be a regular visitor to my web site and join as a valued customer with access to free downloads.
I intend to reduce selected items, watch out for bargains reduced by up to 50% in each book category. valuation & advice page

Clubs and societies can receive a special discount when ordering books or prints through MumfordBooks. Please contact now for details.

Have you a book you would like valued or a book you haven’t been able to find?


If you do, we may be able to help. MumfordBooks provides free book valuations for existing customers who have made at least one purchase, see valuation & advice page for more details. Because of a high demand for free valuations, I cannot answer all requests. Please remember this is a personal service for old quality books printed before 1970.
I am also pleased to deal with customers’ requests and maintain a file on wanted books and images. Constantly looking for good old second-hand books, I love to hear from customers with collections or the odd damaged book or print worthy of repair – everyone is assured of a personal service no matter what your interests.
We can advise you on book conservation and rebinding.